Today was the final pickup from project share.   It was an exciting day to see the barrels and pounds of food that went out of our studio.   I just one thing to say…you guys are amazing!  Thanks to everyone that participated and contributed to our competition and those that donated in the non-competitive bin.   I think we topped last year significantly…one barrel today weighed 264 lbs!   Truly remarkable work…check out the pictures!

Just one last thing to say.   We all workout hard at the studio.   Tina drives us hard all year around.  But this is just another reflection of how hard she drives us all year round, whether that is in the Tug of War, Project Share Food Drive and competition, or just working out.   She sets a standard that is above all others and pushes us to do the same for our community.   I am always proud to say where I go to workout not only because it hurts each time I go there, but because there is no other place where the leadership has such a heart for our community and those that don’t have as much as we are blessed with all year round.   Thanks Tina for your extreme example of community!  We’re gonna win this one too!