1601, 2018

Tuesday Cardio?

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Oh yes, that was a very difficult workout and if you were here today you know how tough it was!   These images were taken in our morning class today.  This is going to hurt tomorrow but for good reasons!

1809, 2017

Monday’s class was a killer…

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There were a couple of furry friends that were excited to attend class today….especially when Tina brought out the treats!   Did you get to class on Monday?   It was a very challenging class that is going to leave you in pain!   All for the better though, right?   If you are looking […]

1109, 2017

Power Lunges, long jumps, bear crawls and of course swings!

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This morning’s class was quite a variety of challenges!   It was great to be there in this cooler weather!


1807, 2017

Some pictures from the studio this morning..

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It was a fresh morning at class.   At least we were able to beat the heat and enjoy a tough workout but Tina’s workout still left us dripping in sweat!   If you are looking for a tailored workout you need to see Tina Boccabella for training.   She knows exactly what techniques to […]

2004, 2017

Happy Hump Day!

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Happy after the workout today of course!   This was a real mix up of snatches, swings, squats and dead lifts.   Somehow your glutes are going to hurt!   You’ll see but just remember it was all worthwhile!   Watchout ’cause if you do it wrong Tina’s gonna make sure you get the right […]

1201, 2017

It looked so simple..

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That’s what I thought when I saw today’s routine…no problems right?   Well once again it was significantly more difficult than I imagined..


1810, 2016

This morning’s challenge…

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Today Tina had a review with the entire class..this was a great reminder of why we do things the way we do.    Then there was the fun test…were you listening?

1509, 2016

This is so much harder than it looks!

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Aside from the rest of the workout, this made for some pretty cool pictures so we couldn’t miss out!


2807, 2016

Summer fun at the studio

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Being motivated to do a little more or accomplish something you didn’t feel like you were capable of happens here everyday!   This morning we were outdoors at the studio and the sweat kept pouring out even after the workout.   This summer heat is incredible.


3103, 2016

Feeling a little like spring today!

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We were so fortunate to have the doors open today to stay cool!   Today’s circuit kept us sweating today!