Kettlebells Niagara’s Area of Expertise

Kettlebells training movements are holistic and work several muscles simultaneously.    Workouts involve repetitions of continuous movement for several minutes with short breaks.  This high intensity training engages the entire body in movements that are effective in building core, leg, back, shoulders and grip strength.   Kettlebells workouts can be very effective for contributing to good health, offering increased mobility, range of motion and increased strength under the supervision of a professional trainer such as Tina Boccabella.   Without the proper technique and guidance of Tina Boccabella, kettlebell movements can be dangerous to those that have back problems, shoulder problems or a weak core.   With Tina’s training guidance kettlebells can be very beneficial to your overall health and strength building.

Personal Training

Greatest results are achieved when working with a personal trainer.

Greatest Results Are Achieved

Sessions may be half an hour (1/2 hour) to one (1) hour in length. Kettlebell programs are designed specifically to the individuals’ fitness level and needs. Along with good nutrition, results can be amazing.

Group Session

Not only is there motivation from the trainer, but the other participants as well. Workouts are fun, safe and effective.

2-4 People Training

Group Sessions are available, two to four (2 – 4) people will be training at one time. Sessions are half an hour (1/2 hour) in length. They consist of circuits that are two to five (2 – 5) minutes long.

Nutrition Counselling

Current Condition Assessment and Recommendations Provided

Nutrition Recommendations Given

Discuss your concerns weight, cholesterol levels, heart health or diabetes. After an assessment of current situations, Tina will use her expertise to make recommendations and assist in building an action plan and give menu planning ideas.

Sports Specific Training

Training for sports based on the specific physiological requirements of the sport

Peak Performance at the Time of Competition

Development of either power, muscle , strength or endurance. Training revolves around the needs of planning – periodization for the sport and employ training methods specific to a given training phase, with the goal of reaching peak performance at the time of major competitions.

Training Tools

Training with Tina Boccabella isn’t only about you and a kettlebell.   Everyday at the studio there is a new challenge presented to you and specific to your needs.   Tina’s training and certification gives her the ability to individualize your program considering injuries, areas of weakness and your goals.   She guides you through her programs so that your performance will increase at a rate that is best suited to you.   Whether you are training for a sport, competition or to get back into shape, she can lead you down the path to assist you in achieving your goals.

Why Choose Kettlebells Niagara

Talk to friends and family members that attend Kettlebells Niagara and we have no doubt that you will hear about the positive changes and the goals that are achieved here.  Speak to Tina about goals that you have in mind and she will guide you through a journey that will change your life!

What Clients Say

Peggy Margaret — 5 star – Amazing workouts. You won’t be disappointed
Peggy Margaret
5 star —-Fantastic trainer, great workouts!!
September 8, 2013
Courtney Moody
Excellent workout every time!! Wes n Kerri Polston
Wesley Polston
5 star— Tina is one of the best trainers I have had over the 20 years I have been working out. Her dedication & hard work has placed her at the top. She provides one on one personal training, teaching perfect form, always pushing u to the next level. She modifies exercises if u have any injuries so u can continue to work out without causing further injury & strengthing other muscles to actually help your injury. Every class is different & challenging . Her studio is full of excellent equipment. I recomend trying her class. She gives 110% every single class.
Laura Maccarl
Sherri TeDesco Patrick — 5 star! I would like to say thank you Tina for being an AMAZING trainer and teacher!
Sherry TeDesco Patrick