As a personal trainer, I believe that my purpose is to educate others in the area of fitness & wellness.

I intend to do this by sharing and modelling the training principles & exercise techniques I have learned, in a manner that will assist others.

Education is a lifelong pursuit, so too is fitness.  Clients must first learn that for their fitness practices to be of benefit to them,

they must see them as ever changing.  I see myself as the resource through which they can learn this philosophy and the habits to put it into practice.


As a trainer, I would consolidate all of the fitness and wellness skills I have learned thus far. 

I would use this knowledge and of course, that which I will continue to acquire,

by applying it to each of my clients through the development of a program that is both realistic and beneficial to them.

Fitness enables us to enjoy life to its fullest.  To be truly fit, a lifestyle change must be the focus of a program,

and this change must occur slowly and surely, within the limits of the individual client’s needs, interests, and other life factors.

I believe that fitness should allow us to feel better physically, emotionally and psychologically

so that we will have more time and energy to spend on ourselves and with those around us.

My personal goal is to pursue both the theoretical and practical aspects of fitness,

continuing through education and passing this knowledge onto others.

My own practices of regular exercise and a healthy diet allow me to model for

and advise other so that their dreams of a fit and healthy lifestyle can be achieved.