1601, 2018

Tuesday Cardio?

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Oh yes, that was a very difficult workout and if you were here today you know how tough it was!   These images were taken in our morning class today.  This is going to hurt tomorrow but for good reasons!

1401, 2018

Great Celebration at Kettlebells Niagara!

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Great celebration at Kettlebells Niagara with Project SHARE of Niagara Falls. Since we raised the most (in weight) for Project Share those who participated in the competition were treated to a wonderful luncheon! Thanks to Project Share for the treat!….and of course to Tina Boccabella for hosting. Also a thanks to Carson Shulist for the […]

1001, 2018

2018 is starting off with lots of action!

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Tina always keeps your workout unique and very much tough.   Each and every time that you come to the studio to workout, you are going to feel it!   Her workouts are motivating and inspire you to return and work hard again.   2018 is going to be a great year for you to […]

2912, 2017

What is your Internal Age?

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Do you ever wonder what your internal age is?   How old are you on the inside?

There is a new tool available to help us realize the power to change our health and wellness…

The iheart system is a health and wellness tool able to calculate internal age by measuring the stiffness of your aorta.  Aortic […]

2312, 2017

Lots of shenanigans here at Kettlebells Niagara!

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Always having a little fun and lots of hard work at Kettlebells Niagara!

1812, 2017

Monday is a new beginning again…

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Get started today!

812, 2017

Exciting stats about Project Share competition!

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Great Job by everyone that entered the Project Share competition . We came in first place in the cooperate challenge bringing in 4993.5 lbs of food.  We love our member’s passion for those that are in need!   You always go over the top!   Next Project Share food drive July 17 , 2018 TUG […]

412, 2017

It’s a new week…

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Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right!   ~ Henry Ford

112, 2017

Today’s routine looked okay until we got into it!

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It was a lot more difficult than we thought at first..but we got it done.   Don’t forget that December 5 is the last day for the Project Share of Niagara Falls food drive competition.   There is a lot of food that is getting picked up!   Don’t forget to get it in so […]

2911, 2017

The beautiful thing about Tuesday….

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The beautiful thing about Tuesday is that if you weren’t here for Monday’s workout…you get to enjoy it on Tuesday and anyone that attends Kettlebells Niagara knows that Tina likes to start off the week with a bang!  ohhhhh…there were a few of us today..Tina called today’s workout Ken’s 92nd birthday.. 92 burpies x 2, […]