1101, 2021

Chris lost 25.6 lbs!

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10 months of COVID also means that many of us have gained rather than lost weight.   It’s been a trying time to stay motivated and continue to workout and stay fit.   Chris has done an amazing job of losing weight.   She lost 25.6 pounds.  If you have gained and want guidance, talk […]

1611, 2020

Weight Loss Training Success!

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Under the guidance and training with Tina, Lisa has managed to experience an amazing transformation losing 22.2 pounds and 15.5 inches.   Amazing job Lisa!   If you are looking for personal training and nutrition support contact Tina for your plan.   Lisa is another success story.

1111, 2020

36 Pounds and Counting!

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Bonnie is doing an amazing job of nutrition changes and working out at Kettlebells Niagara in order to manage to lose 36 lbs of weight!   You are looking fabulous.

If you are looking for nutrition guidance get in Tina’s 12 week program and start seeing amazing results like Bonnie is!

2210, 2020

Project Share Travelling Fall Food Drive

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Kettlebells Niagara has always been a huge supporter of Project Share.   Due to COVID-19 changes, support is needed even more.  Let’s all dig in and give 100% effort!

There is a weekly sign up and food will be loaded directly into Tina’s, Carl’s and Jo’s vehicles.  Produce is always welcome!

Cash or cheque donations should be made […]

2808, 2020

CPR Training

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Kettlebells Niagara will be holding a CPR class on October 3, 2020.  Seating is limited to 10 people so sign up as soon as possible.

707, 2020

We are back at our workouts!

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After moving into Phase II, we’ve been outdoors holding classes by appointment only.   Contact Tina for dates and times that you will be added to a class.

These images were taken at Monday’s class held in Oakes Park.

107, 2020

Happy Canada Day!

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Wishing you a Happy Canada Day!

1706, 2020

Crush the Curve

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We’ve been hearing so much about crushing the curve, sanitizing, masks and self-isolation.  But now that we are stage II of Ontario opening up Tina wants to offer a new form of Crush the Curve.   That’s right, since you have likely had the same problem as most people we need to focus on losing […]

1506, 2020

Kettlebells Opening procedures

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Kettlebells will be opening up since we are in phase II of reopening from Covid-19. This is very exciting news but we still need to take measures to stay healthy and safe. Below are the list of procedures that will need to be followed in order to hold classes. It is very important that you […]

405, 2020

Happy Monday Morning!

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Get your week started off right with Tina’s hints for your fitness this week while we are in COVID-19.