1011, 2018

Class challenges..

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Not only is a workout with Tina a challenge, we’ve got the Project Share challenge happening now!   The first bins were picked up this year!    Check out what’s on special!   Each week Jo will be providing a list of specials in our local grocery stores.   Below is this week:

Just so you […]

2209, 2018

Strength training on a Saturday morning!

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It’s gonna hurt tomorrow…Saturday morning was strength training and there was no mercy.   What a great way to start your weekend!   Don’t forget to vote for Kettlebells Niagara each day for the best fitness club in Niagara Falls!  Here is the link: https://readerschoice.niagarafallsreview.ca/…/…/fitness-club

2108, 2018

Strength Training!

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Today’s class was strength training.   In a few images you will see Tina demonstrating how to perform the exercises you are going to be doing.   In all the years that I have been in fitness classes, I have never experienced a trainer as focussed on getting the class to understand what they are […]

1508, 2018

Oakes Park challenges..

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Oakes Park is always a challenge but this morning was exceptionally hard. Runs on the steps, laps around the track or block and then swings..ugh. That cool air no longer feels that cool.

1807, 2018

Oakes Park this morning.

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One of the most beautiful parks, and we love to work out there!   At least the weather was a little cooler and there was a breeze to keep us comfortable.   These images were taken in class this morning

1707, 2018

Today is the day!

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The day has finally arrived! Our 4th annual Tug of War today at 6 p.m. at Oakes Park! See you there with your food donations! This is going to be good…Tina has been working us all hard to get ready for this …just kidding. But she always works us hard so this is no different […]

1507, 2018

Two more days to Tug of War 2018!

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You know it!   The fun is about to begin!   Are you as excited as I am?  All proceeds go to Project Share of Niagara Falls.  6 p.m. on Tuesday July 17th!

407, 2018

The countdown is on for Tug of War 2018!

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107, 2018

Happy Birthday Canada!

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Wishing you a wonderful Canada Day!  Happy 151st Birthday Canada!

3105, 2018

Tug of War is coming fast!

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We are so excited for our 4th annual Tug of War for Project Share of Niagara Falls!   If you haven’t already make sure you get your team in!  We have teams from Kettlebells Niagara, Niagara Falls Fire Department, Niagara Regional Police and many more!

This incredible event is held each year to raise food donations, […]