1511, 2017

It’s Wednesday!

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Sometimes in the middle of the week we need a little push.   Here’s some inspiration from Kettlebells Niagara!

611, 2017

It’s Monday morning again…it’s a clean slate.

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It is time for a clean start.   Contact Tina for more info to get started!

111, 2017

Tina is celebrating 10 years of business today!

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Kettlebells Niagara has been such a success because of clients like you!   Thank you to everyone that has been a part of Kettlebells Niagara!

2710, 2017

Finishing Friday off with a great workout!

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So good to complete the week with a great workout!

2410, 2017

Killer Cardio

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Did you try that workout this week with the wall throws, ball slams, power lunges, double and alternating swings?    This was a killer cardio workout that Tina put together just for you.   These killer ballistic exercises work your body as one unit and require a great deal of hard work, making that run in […]

2310, 2017

Happy Monday Morning!

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It’s a great start to the week!   Get started on the right track this week!

707, 2017

4 Days to Tug of War!

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This TUESDAY is the big event! We are so prepared for this and excited that you will be joining us! Don’t forget to bring your food donation on that date. All donations food and monetary can be brought to Oakes Park on the evening of the Tug of War.  Project Share will be onsite to […]

107, 2017

10 More Days to Tug of War!!!!!

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There are 10 more days to Tug of War!   Are you stumped at what non perishable foods you can bring?   Here’s a list of suggestions.   Come join as a spectator if you are not on a team!   Everyone may bring their donations to Oakes Park on the 11th of July which […]

506, 2017


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Are you up for it? Today’s workout was outdoors which was so refreshing, but a great balance to the sweating we were doing as we completed out workout! I laughed when one of our members asked “Tina where do you come up with these workouts!!!” Oh yeh it was everything I was thinking but didn’t dare […]

1501, 2017

CPR class on March 11th, 2017

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On March 11th we will be holding a CPR and AED (defib) class here at the studio.   Contact Tina if you are interested in attending, we still have some spaces open.  Contact Tina at 905-328-0272 to join this class!