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1205, 2018

Tug of War 2018 is coming fast!

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July 17th is the big day when we will be holding our 4th Annual Tug of War.  We are so excited to be hosting this event at Oakes Park to raise funds for Project Share Niagara Falls so that we can conquer hunger in our community.  Each day children and families go to school and […]

2204, 2018

Congratulations Stephanie!

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Hard work and determination has been successful for Stephanie! Stephanie has now lost 26.2 lbs and 18.5 inches in 12 weeks. Nutritional guidance and working out with Tina has contributed to Stephanie’s success. Her goal is another 11 lbs and it won’t be long before she achieves that goal! Congratulations Stephanie, you’re doing an amazing […]

1404, 2018

It’s the weekend!

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504, 2018

Today’s class

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Thursday morning was a challenge.   Timed circuits kept us busy today with swings, rope pulls, and standing planks you’re going to be feeling it after this workout!

These are some images taken at the class.

504, 2018

Get your team in for Tug of War 2018!

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Don’t forget to save the date!  July 17, 2018 at Oakes Park we will be holding our annual Tug of War for Project Share!  This is an amazing event that you won’t want to miss!  Help fight hunger in our community!

3003, 2018

Easter has arrived!

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It’s looking a lot like EASTER here today! What a great trivia workout. 1 hour of spelling out your mistakes and correct answers! Thanks for the switch-up Tina!


2103, 2018

Monday routine on Tuesday doesn’t feel any better!

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Sometimes…or maybe most times I look at the list of what we will be doing in class in disbelief…I honestly don’t know how I’ll complete everything that is listed all in one class. That is the beauty of having a trainer like Tina, she pushes you to your limit and when you are done you […]

1403, 2018

A Set of Cards Determines Your Next Challenge..

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That’s right, in Tuesday’s class Tina had us mix it up with a set of cards where your next challenge started…for some it was burpies, others it was pushups and some even swings.   You just never knew what you would be doing next but it always poses a challenge of course!  These are some […]

603, 2018

Start your week off right!

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Monday morning means the entire week is ahead of you..but if you can get a grip on the first day, I can assure you the rest will glide by smoothly!

202, 2018

Every day is unique..

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Tina keeps you hopping!   You never know what she is going to have you doing and that’s the fun of it all….it’s always challenging and never repetitive!