Tina Boccabella, Certified Personal Trainer

Tina began her career in Health & Fitness in 1999. An avid runner, she has competed in numerous races over the years, as well as one marathon and the Tri Fitness Obstacle Course Competition. Tina began training approximately nineteen (19) years ago and has since competed in two (2) all-natural body building shows.  As a personal trainer, it is Tina’s belief that her purpose is to educate others in the areas of fitness and wellness.

“Education is a life long pursuit, as is fitness.” ~ Tina Boccabella

Tina also believes that fitness should allow her clients to feel better physically, emotionally and psychologically. Clients must first learn that for their fitness practices to be of benefit to them, they must be seen as ever changing. She sees herself as the resource through which they can learn this philosophy and the habits to put it into practice.


Who Is it Good For?

Kettlebells are the ultimate tool for overall fitness. An exhilarating workout for anyone looking to burn body fat, build muscle and develop a strong core. It is both equally effective for both males and females and can build endurance and develop explosive power.

Kettlebell training is:

  • Ideal for Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters who depend on their strength and conditioning
  • Anyone wanting to lose body fat and build muscle
  • Both men and women alike
  • Martial Artists
  • Athletes

What Can It Do For You?

  1. Get you in the Best Shape of your Life
  2. Improves Balance and Co-ordination
  3. Dramatically increase your Strength
  4. Develop Explosive Power
  5. Develop a Strong Core
  6. Improve Flexibility
  7. Build Endurance
  8. Burn Body Fat

How to get started

Those wishing to begin training at Kettlebells Niagara must first attend our beginners classes for individualized training.   Contact Tina or keep an eye for updates in our blog for the next beginners classes as they are run sporadically through the year.