November is approaching fast.   On November 7th we begin our Project Share Food Drive Competition.  Each year at Kettlebells Niagara we workout hard but we also focus at this time on hunger in our community.   We have all been so blessed and want to share that to those who are not so fortunate.  In the meantime we as members at Kettlebells Niagara also get to partake in a little competition…so let’s do it ladies and gentlemen!   Let’s show them how we roll!

This competition is based on the total weight of food donated divided by the number of people who donate.   In order to win, we will need our Kettlebells Niagara people to donate heavy items on an ongoing basis until the contest ends on December 4th.  You can sign up for the competition by the calendar in the studio.

We will be posting more information about this as time progresses so stay tuned!