July 17th is the big day when we will be holding our 4th Annual Tug of War.  We are so excited to be hosting this event at Oakes Park to raise funds for Project Share Niagara Falls so that we can conquer hunger in our community.  Each day children and families go to school and work without a meal.   At Christmas we spend so much time thinking about this tragic situation but the rest of the year we carry on with our lives not thinking much about this situation.  We want you to be part of a team that will assist during the summer when the need is still extreme by joining our Tug of War event again this year!   Last year we were able to raise 997 lbs of food and $1,000.00 for Project Share.  Not only will we be making a difference in our community but we will be having an incredible competition that engages teams from all walks of life that just want to get out and have fun!

Come out and join us by contacting Tina at 905-328-0272 or t_boccabella@yahoo.com as soon as possible.   Rally up the troops and join in the fun!