Well today was a great variety of kettlebells exercises but all capable of challenging her trainees!   You won’t be disappointed if you train under Tina’s expertise!   Her experience and guidance is pertinent to making great progress in your training regiment.   When you have injuries her expertise and training adjusts uniquely to your needs so that progression is made to healing.

Today was the first day of the Project Share Food Drive competition.   We are so thankful that you have brought in food.   Just a reminder that there are two ways that you can donate.   One is the drop off food at anytime and is not part of the competition.   Then there is the competition.   If you are part of the competition, you are expected to bring in at least 50 lbs of food per week.   This was the commitment that you made as part of the competition.   We have families that we need to support in our community that go hungry, so let’s give until it really hurts!  Keep dropping off that food.   There are lists in the studio of food that is on sale each week to help you make the best choices for your 50 lbs.