There are times when members come in to Kettlebells Niagara and believe that they won’t be able to complete the circuit that is given to them with the weights that they are assigned. That was my thought this wonderful Wednesday! This is the wonderful thing about Tina Boccabella, not only is she aware of what you are capable of but she will continue to help you grow and strengthen your skills. Just when you thought that you couldn’t she’s gotten you through the workout and you can’t believe that you made it there…it’s so motivating that we keep coming back. Happy Wednesday!

If you are looking to join Kettlebells Niagara we will be starting a beginners series on April 1, 8 and 15.   You must attend a beginners class whether you’ve tried kettlebells with another trainer or not.   Contact Tina through our website form or phone (905) 328-0272.