November is fast approaching and we have an upcoming event!

November 6th begins our Project Share Food Drive Competition.  This competition is based on the total weight of food donated divided by the number people who donate.  In order to win, we will need our group to donate heavy items on an ongoing basis until the contest ends on December 6th.  Fifty (50) lbs. of food are required, per person, each week.   Produce such as potatoes, squash and carrots are also being accepted.  Please bring a variety of food (no water) with good nutritional value.

Sign up sheets will be posted soon.

If you are more comfortable bringing in something one time only then that, of course, is very much appreciated, but we will keep a separate bin for that purpose.  Everything is accepted gratefully by Project Share! (Tax receipts will be issued by Project Share.)

Please do not feel that you have to participate.  Details will follow as we get closer to that date.