Project Share of Niagara Falls

707, 2019

3 more days!

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By now I’m sure you know what’s coming!!!   LOL.  You got it!  Tug of War for Project Share of Niagara Falls!   Be there!

607, 2019

4 more days to our Tug of War for Project Share!

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Only 4 more days!   Get ready for some fun at Oakes Park!

307, 2019

6 more days left!

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That’s right!  We are almost there!


207, 2019

Only 7 more days and counting!

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Yes, that’s correct! Only 7 more days and our community event will be here! This event isn’t just about Kettlebells Niagara, it’s about giving to our community. We love to get fit together and be challenge by Tina, but more than just that we love to do what we […]

107, 2019

Are you ready? Tug of War is almost here! Only 8 more days!

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Are you ready? Tug of War is almost here! Only 8 more days!

2205, 2019

This is where it all happens..

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So much more than just a physical fitness studio.   It is where we are challenged, guided, trained and motivated.   Sometimes we think there is no way that we can complete what is ahead of us.   It’s like that working out with Tina.   She finds a new challenge all the time!   […]

1003, 2019

Project Share Celebration!

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We celebrated our win on Saturday with Project SHARE of Niagara Falls. Adam shared some of the results with us such as the fact that as a group we raised 20% of the entire donations received by Project Share. The total value of donations from Kettlebells Niagara was in excess of $36,000. What a great […]

1212, 2018

You went over and above!

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Wow.   13,861 lbs of food were collected for the Project Share Food Drive.   Way to go ladies and gentlemen in the competition for Project Share!  You went over and above!  What did we do next?   Another tough workout by Tina!!!

812, 2018

Over 15,000 lbs of food donated to Project Share of Niagara Falls competition!

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We found out this week that Kettlebells Niagara won the Project Share Food Drive competition with our donations of over 15,000 lbs of food.   This is such exciting news!  We rock when it comes to our community and we thank Tina for her initiatives and goals that she sets.   If it wasn’t for […]

412, 2018

Final pickup from Project Share.

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Today was the final pickup from project share.   It was an exciting day to see the barrels and pounds of food that went out of our studio.   I just one thing to say…you guys are amazing!  Thanks to everyone that participated and contributed to our competition and those that donated in the non-competitive […]