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Monthly Archives: October 2017

3010, 2017

Oh…Monday mornings…

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2710, 2017

Finishing Friday off with a great workout!

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So good to complete the week with a great workout!

2710, 2017

Testing out a new routine for next week!

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Tina never expects you to do a routine that she hasn’t already tested.   Today, Tina and a few others were testing out this new routine for next week.  It is going to be a great test of your abilities!

2510, 2017

Early morning workouts get the day off to a great start!

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This morning’s routine was a great challenge again! It always feels so good to be working out and being challenged by Tina.

2410, 2017

Killer Cardio

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Did you try that workout this week with the wall throws, ball slams, power lunges, double and alternating swings?    This was a killer cardio workout that Tina put together just for you.   These killer ballistic exercises work your body as one unit and require a great deal of hard work, making that run in […]

2410, 2017

So-o-o tough today!

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Tina warned me that the workout would be tough…but I would never have guessed….shaking at the end of that!!!!   Now I have to go tomorrow or I’m going to stiffen up and suffer even worse. You ask, “Is it really worth it?”   I might need it physically we would both agree…but mentally is […]

2310, 2017

Happy Monday Morning!

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It’s a great start to the week!   Get started on the right track this week!

2110, 2017

the WEEKEND is here!

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see you there!

2110, 2017

Cool fall weather is here!

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We were in the studio this morning for class.   Fall has arrived and so has the cold and flu season.   If you are not feeling well or you are ill please refrain from attending classes.   Your body requires that energy used for your workout to help you fight illness.   We love […]